Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Showers bring May flowers

Well, I'm eagerly awaiting the May flowers. It's been a week of showers......hard to tell what to do with the lambs and their Mom's. Some days I guessed right, some days I guessed wrong.

I feed hay and grain in the morning to the sheep in the barn. When they've finished eating they get to go's too nasty.....then they get to stay in....."boring", they say!

If it's raining when they're almost finished and I make the decision to keep them in, I can almost guarantee that it'll stop raining as soon as I get back to the house and will be fairly nice the rest of the day. If I then turn around and go back to turn them guessed'll rain, sleet and maybe even thunder and lightening after I've turned them out and gone back to the house.

So the solution seems to be to make a decision and stick to it. I have to point out that while they're bored in the barn, they are also still eating and drinking. Not good for their girlish figures, the hay bill or the bedding!

This last Saturday was a beautiful warm (upper 70's) SUNNY day. And we left the farm to spend the day and evening on the Seattle side. This trip takes me a tremendous amount of planning to get everything set up, arrange for chores to be done while I'm gone, not to mention the 2 hr. trip to get there by car, ferry and car again to where ever we're going.

The occasion this time was an opportunity to attend a Jane Austen Tea sponsored by the Seattle PBS TV station. I asked my middle daughter Lori to go with me, thinking that while Gary might enjoy himself, Lori would enjoy it much more!

We had a wonderful time! It was very well done, and while they said tea, it was actually a High Tea. There was Jane Austen era music provided by a string quartet and a very talented singer. A fashion show with authentic costumes provided by University of Washington's Costume Department, and many other costumed ladies pouring tea, narrating the fashion show, etc.

It had been such a popular offering that they had expanded the affair to another Tea on Sunday.

It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride, and then exploring Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood. All in all a very satisfying excursion off the farm!


jodee_w said...

oh - I'm pretty jealous about the Jane Austen tea! Sounds like fun!

Maybe people should start calling you to see whether you left the sheep in the barn or not - it might help with the umbrella decision!

Spring Hill Shepherdess said...

I've been saying for years that I can control the weather......all I need to do is go out to do the outside feeding and it'll rain on me!

lori said...

I like jodee's idea of using you for the weather. Heck, it's probably more reliable than Yahoo! weather, which typically gets it wrong....